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McConway and Torley


This week the Allegheny County Health Department held a public hearing on the air permit for McConway and Torley, the foundry at 48th Street. Residents, M&T employees, and LU testified. You can view LU’s testimony here, and see a copy of the Lawrenceville Toxic Metals study conducted by ACHD here.

As the resident-driven community group, our request was simply that the Health Department protect our community’s health. We are not asking that the foundry be shut down, but that the levels of emissions from the plant be tracked, monitored, and analyzed – and that the information collected be used to issue a permit that protects all of our health. We will continue to engage the owners of M&T regarding other quality of life concerns, including noise, parking, and truck traffic.


Lawrenceville United convened a panel of representatives from McConway and Torley, Group Against Smog and Pollution, and a representative from Councilwoman Deb Gross’ office to answer residents’ questions and concerns regarding the foundry. A productive conversation took place around issues such as air quality and testing, humming noises at night, idling trucks, and parking issues. Around 65 residents were in attendance and were given the opportunity to ask questions. The presentation given by LU and LC can be viewed here: Air Quality Discussion April 2015.

Residents still have an opportunity to submit their concerns about the air quality issues by speaking at the public hearing regarding the air permit:

ACHD Public Hearing on Draft Permit –Hearing to be held April 14th, 6 pm, 1st Floor Conference Room of Building 7 of the Clack Health Center, 301 39th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201. Register to speak at the hearing by calling by 4:00 pm April 13th412-578-8103

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