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LU provides testimony regarding off-street parking design standards

A public hearing at City Council was held on Wed. 4/21 on Council Bill 2021-1085, which creates new design standards for off-street parking for single-family attached homes. This comes after advocacy from Lawrenceville United and 11 other organizations called for this additional measure, among other measures, to limit the propagation of driveway curb cuts on walkable streets, due to the damage they do to public off-street parking, safety and accessibility, housing affordability, the creation of street trees, non-vehicular mobility, and neighborly interaction.

LU and our partners will be provided testimony to support the proposed legislation, and once again advocated for further steps to limit the spread of driveway curb cuts on our walkable blocks. Read our full testimony HERE and contact Dave@LUnited.org or 412-802-7220 to get involved in this issue.

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