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Brewery Coming to 4901 Butler Street

The business owners who will be leasing this space from Wylie Holdings have applied for a special exception from the Zoning Board to open a small brewery at 4901 Butler Street.  They have a hearing scheduled for March 7, 2013.  Steve Sloan, the owner, has offered to meet with any individuals who may have concerns or questions. …

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Lawrenceville Senior AdvantAGE Program Updates

Lawrenceville United established a new program geared towards our growing senior population (anyone 60 and older).  Our latest initiative, the Senior AdvantAGE Program, is an opportunity to effectively connect seniors to services and resources, other seniors, new residents and neighbors, and to businesses throughout the Lawrenceville area.  Seniors can expect to take part in a…

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Community Meeting Regarding Liquor License Request for CURE – 5336 Butler St.

The Cure Restaurant, LLC (Owner: Justin Severino) has applied for approval of the transfer of Pennsylvania liquor license R-9623 for use at Cure.  This is a double transfer of the liquor license, and because the license is proposed to transfer from outside of the City, to a location within the City, it calls for City…

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New Business at 47th/ Home – Good Funeral Home

We are working to gather more information on the new business that is seeking to locate to the old funeral home at 47th/ Butler.  The ownership group has reached out to Lawrenceville United and Lawrenceville Corporation.  They are working on a site plan for the space. They are proposing a daytime cafe with a coffee…

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Upper Lawrenceville Planning Update

Please read the following articles that discuss the recent planning work being done by residents in the 10thWard: http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/local/neighborhoods-city/upper-lawrenceville-works-hard-to-fashion-a-new-image-673317/ http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/local/morning-file/walkabout-upper-lawrenceville-looks-to-revitalize-without-losing-grit-672447/ The complete plan will be available  online by early summer.

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Social Association for Pittsburgh Professional (SAPP) Update

Social club under consideration in Polish Hill: By Diana Nelson Jones / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette A proposed social club in Polish Hill at a nexus with the Strip District and Lawrenceville has been vetted by the neighborhoods and is under consideration by the Zoning Board of Adjustment after a hearing Thursday [January 17, 2013]. A social club is not…

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Final Community Visioning Meeting for Upper (10th Ward) Lawrenceville

You are invited to participate in the final community visioning meeting for Upper Lawrenceville next Thursday, Jan. 24th at 6:30pm at the AOH (5203 Carnegie St). This is the third of three meetings designed to generate new ideas about the future of the 10th Ward. Many thanks to all of you who have participated in the first…