2012 Year in Review

Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays from us here at Lawrenceville United

As we close the chapter on 2012 and begin planning for 2013, we wanted to take a moment to share some amazing and important things that have happened this past year, including the creation of new programs that address issues, concerns, and ideas that you have brought to our attention.

In December:
–        We hosted our annual Light Up Lawrenceville events that brought together over 500 resident to celebrate the holidays and winter season.   With our partnership with the Joy of Cookies Tour’s Cookie Mall, we were able to provide a great fundraising opportunity for so many community groups and organizations, while celebrating the season with crafts and presents for the kids, as well as, free pictures with Santa.

–        An additional 30 trees were planted along the riverfront and our newly erected Bernard Dog Run.  Our partnerships with the TreeVitalize program of Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, Tree Pittsburgh, and the Tree Pittsburgh: Lawrenceville Tree Tenders have totaled over 150 trees planted in Lawrenceville in just 2012, as well as close to 100 tree pits cleaned and maintained.

–        Lawrenceville United is participating in the Upper Lawrenceville Planning Project led by the Lawrenceville Corporation that will create a plan for key corridors and spaces in the 10th Ward. The final meeting will be held in late January, please consider attending if you have interests in the future of the 10th Ward.

–        The Lawrenceville Senior AdvantAGE program is well underway with hundreds of residents 60 years and older registered and exciting events and programs planned for 2013.  The program will help connect Seniors to one another in the community, will connect them with nearby resident volunteers, and will help connect them to local businesses and exciting events.  Please register by contacting us atinfo@Lunited.org and tell your nearby neighbors to become involved by calling the office!

–        We launched our Landlord Assistance Program on December 8th which helps connect landlords and potential landlords with various agencies and resources to encourage and promote responsible property investment and management.  With access to not only funding opportunities with local banks, but also education on best practices in responsible property management.

–        We convened three public community meetings with our partner organization the Lawrenceville Corporation around responsible growth and development in our neighborhood to help inform residents, and organize strategies to steward responsible growth that protects resident’s interests.

  • Reuse of St Matthew’s/ St. Kieran’s Church at 53rd/ Carnegie Street
  • Proposed Development at 41st and Butler Street
  • Heartland Homes Housing Development near Bancroft/ Carlton/ Davison Streets

Lawrenceville continues to thrive and we are so proud to be a part of a neighborhood with residents, businesses, stakeholders, and community groups working together to make sure all of our quality of life needs are met and protected. Stay tuned for our complete Annual Report which you will receive in January with a full calendar of programs and events planned for 2013.

As we move forward in 2013, we will build on the successes of 2012 and continue to build a rich, vibrant, and engaging community for all who call Lawrenceville home.

Senior AdvantAGE Program Brings More Resources and Opportunities to Seniors

Lawrenceville United, an inclusive resident-driven community-based organization focused on improving the overall quality of life for Lawrenceville residents and stakeholders, is looking to establish a new program geared towards our growing senior population (anyone 60 and older). Our latest initiative, the Senior AdvantAGE Program, is for you!



The goal of this Program is to effectively connect seniors to services and resources, to other seniors, to new residents, and to new businesses throughout the Lawrenceville area.


Seniors can expect to take part in a Needs Assessment Survey in order to determine what important issues must be addressed, Trainings and Workshops in order to become more informed members of the community, and Block Watch Groups in order to create bonds with other seniors and new residents in the area. The added benefits of the Program include a Senior AdvantAGE Guide with educational information, helpful tips, and a wide variety of Lawrenceville resources; Mini-Grants in order for seniors to be able to participate in fun activities; and a Senior AdvantAGE Discount Card for special discounts and incentives at local businesses.


Want to find out more? Contact Lawrenceville United today! 412.802.7220.

Lola Gardens Redevelopment

As many of your are aware, Lola Gardens at 35th and Butler, has begun development into a parking area for adjacent development across the street.  Lola Gardens will become a parking lot, and not a garage.  It will have a permeable surface, and the street furniture that was on the Garden is being reused as part of the lot.  The developer also intends to allow the lot to be used for events for the community and such.

Potential application for St. Matthew’s historic preservation

To protect St. Matthews’ Church complex from demolition, or exterior changes that the neighbors and past parishioners may not agree with, the Lawrenceville Stakeholders’ Preservation Committee is proposing to file an application to designate St. Matthews Church a City of Pittsburgh Historic Landmark.

To learn more about this process, the effects of the designation, and more about the project overall please join Lawrenceville United and the Lawrenceville Stakeholders’ Preservation Committee.
December 3, 2012
Goodwill Cafeteria
118 52nd Street