The Goldmark (formerly Salud)


A meeting was held at the Boys and Girls Club on May 13th for Adam Kulik and Nicole Billitto to present their plans for The Gold Mark (formerly Salud). The Gold Mark is a proposed bar that will serve traditional and craft beer and cocktails ($3-$10) along with a limited food menu of classic bar food ($4-$10). There will be 15 seats at the bar, some high-top and bench seating in the back of the space and 2 café tables on the sidewalk. The goal is to create a safe, comfortable neighborhood bar atmosphere, and the target clientele is local residents aged 25+. Entertainment will include DJs on the weekends, and the owners plan to install soundproofing in order to lessen the noise in the area. Patrons will be encouraged to park on Butler Street, and a doorman will be present on weekends. Limited renovations on the space are slated to begin at the end of May, and the owners expect to open by August 1st. Residents in attendance raised concerns with existing conditions regarding nighttime parking and noise.  LU will continue to work with LC to identify short and long term parking solutions, as well as work with business owners and public safety departments to address late night and early morning noise.

Below you will find a fact sheet with additional information about the project.

The Goldmark Info Sheet


A meeting was held on May 6, 2015 at Constellation Coffee regarding Apteka. Apteka is a proposed affordable vegan/vegetarian restaurant at 4606 Penn Avenue led by Kate Lasky and Tomasz Skowronski. The single story building will have 32 tables and 10 bar seats, and the owners have filed for a liquor license. In addition to food (small plates $4-$6, large $7-$10), they plan to serve beer, wine and tradiational Polish cocktails. Outdoor, non-smoking, seating for 25 people will be available and ashtray stands will be available in front of the restaurant. Live entertainment, in the form of a DJ playing background music are part of the proposal. There will not be any bar signage, and some space for employee parking on Comrie Way. A full kitchen (with a hood) will be built out, and the electrical work will be redone. More information can be found in the posted fact sheets.

Apteka Template Info Sheet (1)

Floor Plan

Building a Stronger Lawrenceville – Together!

The weather was gorgeous, the presentations were engaging, and the halls were packed with organizations offering info on housing. Building a Stronger Lawrenceville was a great success!

Councilwoman Gross, Matt Galluzzo of Lawrenceville Corp., Magistrate Ceoffe, and Brian Mendelssohn of Botero Development offered some fantastic insights on the challenges & opportunities in Lawrenceville, including the struggle to maintain affordable housing in a neighborhood that’s seen as much growth as Lawrenceville. Thanks to all of our panel members!

We gave away resource folders so people could take all that information home, and you can still get one if you missed the event. Email with your request, specifying if you are a homeowner, homebuyer, tenant or landlord.

Join us 5/2 and 5/9 to make sure every child is registered for kindergarten!

On Saturday, May 2nd and Saturday, May 9th, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., PEP Rally and its partners are organizing a large canvassing effort in the Lawrenceville, Bloomfield, and Garfield neighborhoods. The goals of this effort are to make sure that local families are signed up for Pre-K and kindergarten, let families know about the diversity of resources available to families in our communities, and share news about the positive things happening at our neighborhood public schools at Arsenal and Woolslair. To knock on every door, we need at least 100 volunteers, and we welcome a diverse group of parents, community volunteers, and school staff. Please join our cause and bring some friends! A thorough orientation/training will be provided, as well as refreshments!

Sign up by following this link or contacting Dave at 412.802.7220 /


Fort Willow Development


Please see this presentation from Fort Willow Developers for drawings and further details about the project.

Summary: A meeting was held on April 27, 2015 at the National Robotics center on the Fort Willow development project. Over 60 people were in attendance and the architect, principal, and a traffic engineer presented the designs for the project.


Phase 1 will consist of a 191-unit apartment building that will be set back 25-29 feet from Willow Street. Only half of the former Interlocking Deck Systems property will be developed during this phase, and a parklet that will be available to the public is planned for the front of the building on Willow.

Variances Requested: An 8ft. variance is requested for the setback requirement for the majority of the building, with an 18ft. variance requested for the section closest to Willow St., and a 2ft. variance requested for the back of the building.

Timeline: Plans call for demolition to begin July 2015, foundation preparation to occur in October or November 2015, with phase 1 completion scheduled for May or June 2017.

Public Access: The Bay 4 connector will remain in place, but be stripped of siding and roofing, to leave exposed steel beams with an unobstructed view of the river looking down 41st Street. This space will be open to the public as a pedestrian walkway, but will be owned by Fort Willow Developers.

Historical Design: The design of the apartment building is intended to reflect the industrial history of the site and of Lawrenceville.

Truck Loading: Truck loading will take place in the back in under-building parking lot.

Trash Storage: Trash will be stored internally at the back of the building.

Public Transportation: To meet the demands of increased public transportation ridership, LU and LC will work with Councilwoman Gross to demand more frequency and stop options for residents as needed. Councilwoman Gross also mentioned that alternatives can be pursued, such as developing a bike path downtown in advance of more large-scale development plans.

Affordability: Fort Willow Developers are not pursing affordable housing funding. There will be 550 sq. ft micro-units and 750 sq ft. studios available, which will be less expensive than larger units.

Parking: There will be a 153 parking spaces for the building– 50 under the building, 103 in a parking lot adjacent to the apartments. This number of parking spaces is in excess of city requirements. There is currently a 40-car parking lot also owned by Fort Willow Developers, at 40th and Willow. This lot could be used on a temporary basis if needed, but may be part of a later phase of development.

Mixed Use: No retail units have been planned for the development, and phase 1 will be entirely residential.

From the Q&A segment:                          

The parking lot will not be screened with a fence, but it will be densely planted.

The building at Willow and 41st (currently used as the office of Alex Simakis) will not be included in the development for now.

Fort Willow Developers have been working with a traffic engineer and the Department of Public Works to address the impact of construction of the site on the roads.

There was a zoning board meeting for the project scheduled for June 4, 2015.


A community meeting has been scheduled for April 27 at 6:30 p.m. at the National Robotics Engineering Center at 10 40th Street. Flyers will be distributed to residents living nearby the site, but as always, any member of the Lawrenceville community is welcome to attend to hear updates and submit questions and concerns.


Alex Simakis, owner of a five-acre site that includes a 120.000 sq. ft. industrial building at 40th/ Willow. convened a meeting on November 17, 2014 at the Ice House with those residents and property owners closest to the site.  Mr. Simakis is working with Rothschild Doyno Collaborative to design a strategy to redevelop the property.  Mr. Simakis and his team presented conceptual ideas to those directly adjacent neighbors and residents and property owners raised questions, concerns, and shared some of the history and stories of that site. Some of the ideas include preserving the history of the site,establishing a public corridor that would reconnect 41st Street with the site, and would add commercial and residential development.   This was the first of many community conversations regarding the site. Mr. Simakis will be bringing a Traffic Engineer on board to asses the conditions of the site as well.  Mr Simakis expects to develop the plan and concepts over the next year with construction to possibly begin in 2016. Stay tuned for the next meeting!