Bio for Paige Athena DeWitt

Name: Paige Athena DeWitt

What years have you lived in Lawrenceville? 2019 to present

Why did you move to Lawrenceville? Required stable, safe living- for school/health

Current Job Title (if employed): Forthcoming scholar of law at Pitt, freelance

Why do you want to be on the LU Board: I want to ensure the best experience for all who reside and visit Lawrenceville. It is a beacon of ingenuity, so I also want to ensure that environmentalism and housing/food security are at the forefront. I am also committed to attending to the needs of all residents, and how those can be best reflected in such encounters as development planning for aspects- like beautification.

Please list Volunteer, Non-Profit, or Board Experience:

GLSEN – Board Member (2012-14), Rapp Road Historical Association (2016-2017), Unite Volunteer, Abolitionist Law Center Intern (June 2019 – August 2019), Food & Water Action & OnePA canvasser

What makes Lawrenceville unique? Why? Lawrenceville is characteristic of every resident, in the ways that each neighbor reflects oneself. From the street art, to the start-ups and the restaurants, it is a lovely, welcoming microcosm.

What is one thing you would like to work on within the neighborhood? Why? I would like to ensure that healthy, fresh groceries are available year-round, and that those who desire to become involved in sustainable food acquisition can (such as through agriculture).

How are you involved in the Lawrenceville community? I have attended a planning meeting regarding the 9th Ward, and a meet and greet. I’m connected to environmental activism, in GASP and through Tree Pittsburgh, and prior research/advocacy.

What would you bring to the LU Board (e.g. experience, skills, perspective, network, etc.)? I have experience in grant writing, securing a New York State Anti-Pollution League Undergrad research and development project; I’m accomplished in organizing and sustainability.

What is one fun fact that others might be surprised to know about you? I am a vegan, was vegetarian since 14 but cut out dairy, eggs, etc… right after graduating college…which is great living with a bunny so she can share many of my dietary staples.