Area “A” Update from Councilwoman Gross’ Office

District 7 neighbors,

As many of you are aware, our office has been working to ease concern related to changes in the Residential Permit Parking Program (RPPP) Area “A” since December 2014.  Prior to Councilwoman Gross’ swearing in, a series of public meetings were held to discuss a proposed division of Area A into three smaller, more easily enforced RPPP Areas. The proposed division of Area A was created to make enforcement more efficient and insure that residents who purchased permits were able to find parking within a reasonable distance to their home.  In coordination with this proposal, residents in RPPP Area A were also given the opportunity to update and extend their enforcement hours.

Over the last several months, our office has been working diligently in speaking with residents, listening to, feedback and recording concerns.  As a result of these discussions and your feedback, the proposed split of Area A was officially introduced to City Council by Councilwoman Gross on Tuesday, April 22 and will be voted on next week.

In regards to the extension of enforcement hours, the final voting results among residents were extremely close and controversial.  Our office received an enormous amount of feedback both in support and against the extension of enforcement hours.  With this in mind, we have asked Mr. Ashley Holloway of City Planning, who oversees the RPP Program, to arrange for another vote on enforcement hours to guarantee that any changes to these hours are what residents genuinely want.

In the time leading up to this second vote, enforcement hours for the split RPPP areas will remain the same as under the previous RPPP Area A until a final vote of affected residents  is tallied and confirmed by City Planning.  Residents will be able to exchange their Area “A” permits for the newly generated RPPP Areas once the changes pass through City Council.

Our office appreciates your patience through this resident-driven process and looks forward to moving towards a final resolution.  We welcome any concerns and appreciate residents of District 7 making their voices heard.  For more information, feel free to contact our office at 412-255-2140 or visit the District 7 website at


The Office of Councilwoman Deborah L. Gross

City Council District 7

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